Michelle Lim

Managing Director and Principal Trainer

Michelle is Principal Trainer of Clarity Training and Consulting, a company founded in 2010 that provides high-quality training, coaching and consultancy services in bespoke communications and soft skills for companies and organisations.

She has been a communications and soft skills trainer and facilitator for 15 years and has designed and facilitated more than 200 workshops for 2900 executives and managers from different countries and cultures. She has also trained executives and managers from Fortune 500 companies such as AIG, Chevron, Caterpillar, CISCO, Standard Chartered Bank, Goodyear and ABB. 

Michelle is an Accredited Associate Executive Coach certified by the Academy of Executive Coaching and is part of the executive coach team with Academy of Executive Coaching, Switzerland.

Michelle loves to work with people and has a passion to help people achieve greater growth, performance and fulfillment through training and coaching. She is from Singapore but is currently residing with her family in Switzerland. She travels between Asia and Europe to train, consult and coach.

Click here for a complete listing of companies and organisations that Michelle has impacted on through learning and development. 

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