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Public Sector


Very, very thorough and useful information that can be applied to all aspects of my job. Great course-One of the best I have taken in a long time. Thank you!

― Sherry, Executive Planner, Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA)

The techniques taught in writing effective minutes and emails are very useful. I will also apply techniques taught in my responses to the readers’ situation and needs. Trainer was engaging. It was informative and fun!

― Adeline, Executive Corporate Communications Manager, Urban Redevelopment Authority

Very impressed with the way the workshop was conducted. I actually learned something from the workshop and found it very relevant to my work. Keep up the good work!

― Pei Ling, Deputy Manager, Land Transport Authority (LTA)

Trainer is approachable and aware or knowledgeable of the situation at NEA. The training is relevant and targeted. Easy to apply the techniques from the workshop. Enjoyed the application of the training during the workshop

― Ju Khuan, National Environment Agency (NEA)

I really enjoyed this course as the trainer is very knowledgeable and organised. Furthermore she is friendly and has an outgoing personality. The content is useful to be applied in the real world situation. She also conducted a lot of discussions and activities that are interesting and set us thinking.

― Nurfarhana, Malay Interpreter, Supreme Court