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Promotion: Refer a Colleague Back

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Refer a Colleague and get $20 Starbucks VoucherCoffee


If you like our course and have benefitted from it, refer your colleagues , HR partners and friends to our upcoming courses. For every participant signup, you will get a $20 Starbucks voucher as a token of appreciation.

You will also get the voucher when you signup for an upcoming course!


Voucher Redemption Guide

Step 1: Select the preferred course from our list of Courses/Workshops and click Register Now.

Step 2.3

Step 2: Fill in at “Please specify” the following information:

a)   Scenario 1: Voucher redemption for yourself

  • Course name and date attended previously

b)   Scenario 2: Voucher redemption for a friend or colleague. 

  • Name of participant who recommended you
  • Company
  • Participant’s email address
  • Course name and date attended by participant

For example:

Recommended by participant Janet Cheong, ABC Company,, attended Business Writing Course on 12 June 2016Step 2.1

Step 3: Complete the course registration.

Step 4: Drop us an email us at with your course registration email and inform us about the participant information. 

Please email us at the above email address if you need any help.