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Leadership and Teams Training Roadmap for SMEs Back

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Employee training is critical for Small-Medium Sized Enterprises to enable their executives and managers to bring the company to the next phase of growth and development. However, employees in SME companies often do not have the time to go for training. At Clarity, we have developed a concise roadmap for you to help HR managers and leaders to plan and design for the training of managers, leaders and teams. We can customize the roadmap or any of the courses to fit your company needs and availability. SMEs who meet the criteria can claim for Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC).


Leadership and Teams Courses

This is an overview of the training roadmap and workshops that your company can embark on:

  • 1A) Establishing Vision, Values & Mission in SMEs: Your company does not have a vision and mission and wants a corporate retreat session to develop one (2-day workshop).
  • 1B) Embracing Vision, Values & Mission in SMEs: Your company already has an existing vision and mission but want their staff and employees to understand and internalize the vision, values and mission (1-day workshop)
  • 2) Developing Relationships and Teamwork: You want to enable your teams to build and improve team relationships and cohesiveness (2-day workshop)
  • 3) Leadership Skills for SME Managers: To equip SME leaders and managers with critical and practical skills & knowledge to lead teams and individuals with confidence (2-day workshop)
  • 4) Developing Productive Teams: To up-skill teams and team members in how they solve problems as a team and improve teams in their decision-making capabilities (2- day workshop)


Leadership and Teams Roadmap

Leadership and Teams Training Roadmap for SMEs_Graph

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