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Presenting for Virtual Meetings Effective and Engaging Virtual Presentations

Key Information

Workshop structure and duration

These are available workshop program structures: 

  • Virtual training and coaching program: 2 virtual facilitated sessions of 4 hours with a separate virtual coaching session 
  • In-person training and coaching program: 1 day session of 8 hours with a separate virtual coaching session 

Other workshop programs and structures are possible and can be customised to fit your company needs and requirements. 

Training locations

  • The virtual workshop can be conducted for any timezone and can also accommodate participants from different but matching timezones. 
  • The in-person workshop is conducted in Singapore during this period. Please contact us if you have other locations in mind. 



Workshop Introduction

As companies move into work-from-home and hybrid models, presenting in virtual and remote meetings will become an increasingly important skill. However, virtual presenting requires new mindsets and skills and not every executive or manager may have the opportunity to develop these skills in a psychologically safe setting or have the chance to get constructive feedback on how they can improve in this area. This workshop enables participants to gain and apply the mindsets and skill sets required to optimise and maximise their personal and business impact during virtual presentations. Importantly, participants also benefit from personalised learning and feedback through a coaching session so that they can apply what they learn to their work immediately and become more effective. confident and engaging virtual presenters.


Target Profile 

Executives, Managers and Senior Managers who want to improve dramatically in their ability to present and engage in their presentations during virtual and remote meetings. 


Workshop Summary 

  • Differences between virtual and in-person presentations
  • Preparing for your virtual presentation
  • Achieving the outcome of your presentation
  • How to engage your audience
  • Designing effective slides and presentation flows that work for virtual presentations
  • Presenting with charts and data


Course Delivery Formats

Format 1: Virtual Live Training with Coaching (2 sessions of 4 hours) 

  • Pre-course learning
  • Instructor-Led Webinars
  • Virtual Peer Group Learning and Networking
  • Pair Coaching
  • Change Impact to Work Project
  • Learning Resources

Format 2: Blended In-Person Workshop (1-day) 

  • Pre-course learning
  • Face-to-Face Workshop
  • Group Learning and Networking
  • Pair Coaching
  • Change Impact to Work Project
  • Learning Resources