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Powerful Presentations for Business Impact Presenting to Engage and Persuade™

Key Information

Target group: Executives, Managers, Senior Managers and above
2 days
Language: English (translation in German or other languages is possible)
Training locations: 
- Switzerland: 
Zurich, Zug, Lucerne, Basel
- Asia: Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Shanghai, Mumbai
- Other locations are possible. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


Workshop/Training Importance

This training program is a practical hands-on workshop to equip managers and executives with knowledge, techniques and skills to create and deliver compelling, engaging and purposeful presentations. Participants will learn to present effectively to management, internal audience and other types of audience. They will see themselves not simply as disseminators/creators of content but as presenters who provide insights and information for their audience decision-making, interest and learning.

Participants will learn techniques and approaches to put ideas together to create engaging and persuasive presentations. They will also learn to incorporate technical information and content in a useful yet impactful manner. Through interactive and insightful role play exercises and presentation simulations, they will greatly improve in their presentation skills and vocal confidence. They will also be coached in handling questions with confidence and composure so that they can convince and persuade their audience.

Target Profile

  • Executives, Managers and Senior Managers who wants to improve dramatically in their ability to engage and persuade in their presentations.
  • Sales Executives, Associates and Managers who want to increase their sales by presenting more effectively to their clients and customers.


Training Summary

  • What makes a good presentation?
  • Common problems with presentations, and how to avoid them
  • Design an effective opening
  • Trim your slide for message impact and clarity
  • Making your slides engaging
  • Techniques to establish presenter presence
  • The power of your eye contact, gestures and movement
  • Projecting voice effectively
  • Handling questions with confidence and composure

Request for Detailed Outline below. 

Blended and Integrated Training Formats Available

Workshop training can be integrated with the following formats: 

  • Online learning
  • Coaching for one-to-one or group
  • Pre- and post- course application back to work
  • Experiential learning
  • Case studies and simulated role-plays