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Powerful Presentations with Business Storytelling Present to Engage, Persuade and Sell

Key Information

  • Target group: Executives, Managers, Senior Managers and Above
  • Duration: 2 days (9am-5pm)

Why Attend This Training

This training program is a practical hands-on workshop to equip managers and executives with powerful skills to persuade and sell effectively to others using the art of business storytelling. You may be presenting to your customers, partners and internal stakeholders – but do you have a compelling business story that makes them pay attention and become convinced by your ideas?

Attend this workshop to master the art of business storytelling so that you can persuade your audience in five minutes and less, convince them to buy into your proposal, and achieve your business objectives. Participants will learn to create compelling, engaging and purposeful presentations that connect with their audience.

Through interactive and insightful role play exercises and presentation simulations, participants will also improve in their presentation delivery skills and vocal confidence. They will also be coached in handling questions with confidence and composure so that they can convince and persuade their audience.

Target Profile

  • Executives, Managers and Senior Managers who wants to improve dramatically in their ability to sell and persuade in their presentations.
  • Sales Executives, Associates and Managers who want to increase their sales by presenting more effectively to their clients and customers.


  • Learn and Master Business Storytelling Strategies and Techniques of Powerful Presenters in Business
  • Apply a Powerful 4-step Slide Design Approach to Create High-Impact Slides
  • Adopt Business Storytelling Strategies to Organise a Clear, Persuasive and Coherent Flow
  • Improve Your Ability to Connect with and Address the Needs of both Technical and Non-Technical Stakeholders/Audience in the same presentation.
  • Learn How to Cater to Mixed Audience i.e. those who require detailed information versus those who want to concise and to the point.

Training Topics

The Art of Business Storytelling

  • What is Business Storytelling
  • Mental Modes to Business Storytelling

Organising the Presentation Flow

  • Business Storytelling Models and Strategies
  • Organising Your Contents for Clear, Persuasive and Coherent Flow
  • Presenting to Technical and Non-Technical Stakeholders/Audience in the Same Presentation
  • Address the Needs of a Mixed Audience (Detailed Versus Concise Views)

Powerful 4-Step Approach to Making Your Slide Tell the Story

  • Creating Effective Slides that Engage and Sells
  • The Visual Impact of your Text
  • Create Impact with Graphics and Pictures
  • Presenting with Charts
  • Effective Use of Animation

Becoming a Great Presenter

  • Adopt Business Storytelling Techniques of Powerful Presenters in Business
  • Building the Rapport with your Audience
  • Posture, Movement and Actions to Sell the Story
  • The Power of Your Voice
  • Handle Questions with Confidence and Composure

What Makes this Course Special

  • Specially designed with examples and case studies that help participants to relate to their typical presentation scenarios and challenges
  • Great transfer of learning to work as this course has practical application and hand-on practice. Participants can immediately apply to their own presentations.
  • The Trainer/Course Facilitator is highly experienced with more than 10 years of experience in conducting presentation skills courses for managers.


Michelle Lim, Principal Trainer and Consultant


Very useful to apply in our real world. We tend to stick to lots of text eventually forgetting the art of presentation. We will keen to use the methods and approach in our future presentations. Very well managed. Thanks!

― Shanker. S, Senior Manager, Support & Operations, Jardine Lloyd Thompson Interactive

It has open my mind to the different types of activities & ice-breaking activities which can be used for workshop and presentation. Reinforce the concept of powerpoint design and handouts which we can give out.

― Loh Ying Ning, Assistant Manager, A.S Louken Group

I love the Presentation Simulations as it enable us to learn from others in both presentation techniques & Design. I think Ms Lim has also been very patient and is always so positive and helpful throughout the course.

― Lwa Heng Qian, National Environment Agency

Some Pictures of Past Workshops