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Positive Psychology for Work and Life Transform Yourself and Others through Positive Mindset

Key Information

Course Duration

  • Virtual Live Training with Coaching - 2 weeks
  • Blended Workshop (Face-to-Face Classroom) – 2 days
  • In-house customised workshop – duration depending on client requirements 

Training Locations

- Switzerland: Zurich, Zug, Lucerne, Basel (German and/or English)
- Singapore (English)
- Other locations and languages are possible too


Workshop/Training Importance

“The only real voyage of discovery exists, not in seeing new landscapes, but in having new eyes”Marcel Proust

Positive Psychology is a relatively new discipline that studies the source of well-being. In this powerful and life-transforming training, you will explore how to live a successful and fulfilled life. Moreover, you will learn to integrate a positive psychology-based approach in your work context with the aim to achieve an optimal performance and well-rounded life. Additionally, you will deepen your understanding of how to manage stress and apply some useful strategies to stay at your optimal level of performance.


Performance Outcomes

  • Support your organization and clients to develop resilience through a positive approach
  • Learn how to influence others by generating insights and enabling a personal change through a transpersonal approach
  • Increase working with strengths-based approach rather that the traditional perspective of engaging a person with a problem and risk focus. The strengths-based approach seeks to understand and develop the strengths and capabilities of the individual, hence increasing their confidence and resilience. 


Target Profile

  • Managers and Leaders who want to motivate and lead their teams with the power of Positive Psychology
  • Employees at work who wants to empower themselves or others with a mindset of Positive Psychology


Course Summary 

  1. Leading with meaning and purpose in order to improve commitment and resilience in your organisation
  2. Develop resilience at work and at home
  3. Integrate a strengths-based focus to nurture high potentials
  4. Enhance the level of motivation in your team
  5. Effective stress management applying cognitive strategies
  6. Negotiating and problem solving within a positive approach
  7. Role-play simulations and discussions in a positive psychology context
  8. Feedback and group learning 


Course Delivery Formats

Virtual Live Training with Coaching (2-weeks)

  • Pre-course online learning
  • Instructor-Led Webinars
  • Micro-learning
  • Gamification
  • Virtual Peer Group Learning and Networking
  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Change Impact to Work Project
  • Learning Resources

Blended Workshop (2-day)

  • Pre-course online learning
  • Face-to-Face Workshop
  • Micro-learning
  • Group Learning and Networking
  • Change Impact to Work Project
  • Learning Resources