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Engaging and Influencing Stakeholders for Business Results Driving organisational impact and change

Key Information

Workshop structure and duration

These are available workshop program structures: 

  • Virtual training and coaching program: 4 virtual facilitated sessions of 4 hours with a separate virtual coaching session 
  • In-person training and coaching program: 2 day session of 8 hours with a separate virtual coaching session 

Other workshop programs and structures are possible and can be customised to fit your company needs and requirements. 

Training locations

  • The virtual workshop can be conducted for any timezone and can also accommodate participants from different but matching timezones. 
  • The in-person workshop can be conducted in Singapore or Zurich. Please contact us if you have other locations in mind. 


Workshop/Training Importance

Engaging and influencing stakeholders, peers and partners across the organisation is a key skill and mindset that managers and leaders need to have to drive successful business outcomes for the organisation.

In a global, complex and matrix organisation, position and authority are often not effective as means to influence others. A manager must assess the organisational structure, utilise informal networks, identify the right stakeholders and use appropriate influence strategies to get individuals and groups to work together to achieve business outcomes. Most importantly, managers need to use influence as an ongoing communication process to drive organisational impact from start till end, and to build their reputation within the organisation.


Target Profile

  • Managers and senior professionals who need to engage and influence stakeholders and peers to drive business and organisational change or results. 


Course Summary

  • Developing your business case for organisational change
  • Identifying and assessing your stakeholders
  • Influencing horizontally and vertically
  • Engagement and influencing skills
  • Presenting, engaging and influencing to drive business impact in meetings
  • Conducting focus groups to get buy-in and drive change
  • Developing your political capital for positive influence


Course Delivery Formats

Format 1: Virtual Live Training with Coaching (4 sessions of 4 hours) 

  • Pre-course learning
  • Instructor-Led Webinars
  • Virtual Peer Group Learning and Networking
  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Change Impact to Work Project
  • Learning Resources

Format 2: Blended In-Person Workshop (2-day) 

  • Pre-course learning
  • Face-to-Face Workshop
  • Group Learning and Networking
  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Change Impact to Work Project
  • Learning Resources