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Body language and Personal Impact for Effective Virtual Meetings Attending and organising effective and engaging virtual and remote meetings

Key Information

Workshop structure and duration

These are available workshop program structures: 

  • Virtual training and coaching program: 2 virtual facilitated sessions of 4 hours with a separate virtual coaching session 
  • In-person training and coaching program: 1 day session of 8 hours with a separate virtual coaching session 

Other workshop programs and structures are possible and can be customised to fit your company needs and requirements. 

Training locations

  • The virtual workshop can be conducted for any timezone and can also accommodate participants from different but matching timezones. 


Workshop Introduction

While virtual meetings are now the norm for many companies, many employees need to enhance their awareness, skills, and mindsets to optimise their ability to participate, organise and engage productively in virtual meetings. Virtual meetings can happen in small or large groups and for attendees who are geographically dispersed in time-zones as well as social, cultural and physical environments. With these complexities and differences, meeting attendees need to learn how to achieve collaboration, consensus and decision-making. This interactive workshop will prepare and train participants to better prepare themselves when attending and organising these virtual meeting situations and scenarios.


Target Profile 

Executives and managers who have to attend and organise virtual and remote meetings. 


Workshop Summary 

  • Prepare and optimise your visual and verbal impact before and during the meeting
  • Anticipating and preparing for technology disruptions to your personal impact
  • Tips and strategies to improve your body language in virtual meetings
  • How to speak and engage with impact in virtual meetings


Course Delivery Formats

Format 1: Virtual Live Training with Coaching (2 sessions of 4 hours) 

  • Pre-course learning
  • Instructor-Led Webinars
  • Virtual Peer Group Learning and Networking
  • Pair Coaching
  • Change Impact to Work Project
  • Learning Resources

Format 2: Blended In-Person Workshop (1-day) 

  • Pre-course learning
  • Face-to-Face Workshop
  • Group Learning and Networking
  • Pair Coaching
  • Change Impact to Work Project
  • Learning Resources