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Leading, Managing and Coaching Successful Teams Leading Teams for Digital Transformation Age

Key Information

Duration: 1 day or 2 days
Locations and Language
- Switzerland: Zurich, Zug, Lucerne, Basel (German and/or English) 
- Singapore (English) 

Delivery and translation to other languages is possible. The workshop can be delivered in other locations not stated above. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


Workshop/Training Importance

For teams to be successful and agile in the current age of digital transformation, managers who lead these teams need to know when to lead, when to manage and when to coach. Beyond the “when”, managers need to master the skills of how to lead, how to manage and how to coach teams to be support their organizations in their digital and data transformation.

Very often, managers have to juggle and move in and out between these three approaches of leading, coaching and managing in the same situation. The ability to integrate and adapt leading, coaching and managing mindsets and behaviours is key to the success of a manager, his or her team and the organisation. This workshop enables managers and leaders to build up their capabilities and sharpen their existing leadership acumen in deploying leading, coaching and managing approaches to drive team and business success. This workshop will integrate scenarios relating to managers who need to drive business as usual as well as agile and digital transformation goals within the organisation.

For senior executives and managers not directly leading teams, leading, managing and coaching are also skills which need to be used at the right time and in the right way. Even if you are not leading a team, these skills are critical for any business role and person who needs to drive and achieve business outcomes by leading or managing others.


Performance Outcomes

  • Be able to apply leading, managing and coaching skills to become a more effective leader and business driver
  • Become flexible and skilled in knowing when and how to apply any of the approaches to achieve team and business outcomes
  • Show flexibility as a leader by integrating the three approaches to develop most appropriate responses and communications in different and even challenging leadership and team situations


Target Profile

  • New managers who want to manage and leads their teams to achieve more success within the organisation
  • Existing managers who want to expand their suite of skillsets to achieve more success with their teams
  • Executives who want to strengthen their leading, managing and coaching skills
  • Business owners who want to improve in how they manage and lead teams


Learning Topics and Capabilities (depending on duration)

  • Leading, managing and coaching teams to support digital and data transformation
  • Capability toolkits: leading, coaching and managing
  • What is your natural approach and style as a leader?
  • Differences and overlaps: leading, managing and coaching
  • Communication approaches in leading, managing and coaching
  • Which approach to use – Factors and questions to consider
  • Developing and strengthening the other approaches
  • Integrating all three approaches
  • Applying integrated approaches to team and business scenarios related to developing agile teams and supporting digital and data transformations

Request for Detailed Outline below. 


Blended and Integrated Learning Formats

We offer companies flexibility in the format and delivery of learning. Learning modes can include:  

  • Online learning for delivery of content and learning resources
  • Transformative one-day or two-day workshops (face-to-face) that focus on change in mindsets and capabilities through experiential learning, application to work and customised case studies
  • Coaching in groups or for individuals to drive change in mindsets and behaviours
  • Webinars – facilitator-led or self-paced learning
  • Pre- and post-course activities and measurement of impact from learning programme