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Writing for Global Business Business Writing for Non-Native English Speakers

Key Information

Duration: 1 day or 2 days
Locations and Language
- Switzerland: Zurich, Zug, Lucerne, Basel (German and/or English) 
- Singapore (English) 

Delivery and translation to other languages is possible. The workshop can be delivered in other locations not stated above. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. 


Why Attend This Training

As a global business executive, you need to master the art of effective business writing. You need to develop and improve your ability to write clearly and effectively for different business contexts. In the global business environment, you may also be writing to readers from different countries and nationalities. Writing in Standard English is therefore critical for business executives to project professionalism, achieve your business purpose, and maximise customer satisfaction.

This is an interactive 2-day workshop designed for executives who are able to speak and understand English but who may often find business writing in English quite challenging. One of such challenges is that the non-native English executives often think in their native language structures but have to write in English for a global audience. Therefore, this workshop will focus on helping these executives to address their business writing gaps, and equip them with practical knowledge and techniques to help them improve the standard and clarity of their business writing.


Target Profile

  • Executives, New Managers, Experienced Managers and Senior Managers from non-native English speaking cultures and countries 


Training Topics (Depending on duration)

  • Importance of Using Standard English
  • Overcoming Writing Challenges for Non-Native English Executives
  • Organising Email Contents for Maximum Impact
  • Master Clear Writing Techniques and Skills
  • Organise Ideas with Logical Flow
  • Communicate Your Ideas Effectively to Get the Results You Want
  • Appropriate Use of Punctuation
  • Resources to Improve Your Business Grammar

Request for Detailed Outline below. 


Blended and Integrated Learning Formats

We offer companies flexibility in the format and delivery of learning. Learning modes can include:  

  • Online learning for delivery of content and learning resources
  • Transformative one-day or two-day workshops (face-to-face) that focus on change in mindsets and capabilities through experiential learning, application to work and customised case studies
  • Coaching in groups or for individuals to drive change in mindsets and behaviours
  • Webinars – facilitator-led or self-paced learning
  • Pre- and post-course activities and measurement of impact from learning programme



I have an Idea about how to structure and organise my mails better. This will help me in communicating more clearly and effectively.

― Lakshmi, Marketing Representative, Caterpillar

Various techniques learnt during the course that I will apply in my day-to-day business activities.

― Stephen, Credit Analyst, Caterpillar Financial Australia Limited

The course is a good reminder on effective business writing skills that everyone needs. I benefitted from the skills practice and pointers shared.

― Grace Thong, Service Operations, Jurong Health