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Managing and Communicating Across Cultures Effective Skills for Leading and Working with Cross Cultural Teams

Key Information

Course Dates (Virtual Live Training with Coaching - over 4 weeks) 

Switzerland and Europe (2020 Dates)

  • 13 July June - 7 August (English)
  • 21 September - 16 October (English)
  • 9 November - 4 December (German)

Singapore and Asia (2020 Dates) 

  • 10 August - 4 September (English)
  • 19 October - 13 November (English)

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Workshop/Training Importance

Managing and communicating across cultures requires managers and leaders to have the ability to understand how culture influences behaviours, and master intercultural mindsets and skills to conduct business and manage employees effectively within organisations. To manage across cultures, we also need to be aware of the cultural lenses we use to view and interact with other cultures. Most importantly, we need to understand how our own culture influence us in our behaviours and communication with others.

In this course, executives, managers and team members will learn about communicating successfully within multicultural, diverse workplaces and in face-to-face or virtual interactions. Participants learn to appreciate the value of intercultural workplaces and understand the role of the individual to drive diversity, understanding and collaboration. Through experiential learning and role-plays, they increase their awareness and sensitivity in intercultural settings while gaining skills to communicate and collaborate effectively and positively in these situations. Participants will also apply skills learned to common business situations so that they can drive positive business outcomes across cultures.


Target Profile

  • Managers and Leaders who want to improve in their ability to manage multicultural teams and communicate with clarity across global teams.
  • Global Team Leaders who want to increase their productivity across multicultural teams.


Course Summary

  1. Understand the impact of culture on how we communicate, manage and set expectations, and drive results
  2. Develop a deeper understanding of the issues in managing across cultures
  3. Learn how to build relationships and rapport across cultures
  4. Understand cultural dimensions and their impact on communication
  5. Communicating in virtual business meetings and scenarios
  6. Identifying and handling communication differences and barriers with confidence
  7. Evaluate different approaches to managing and communicating across cultures
  8. Applying what is learned to cross-cultural business situations 


Course Delivery Formats

Virtual Live Training with Coaching (2-weeks)

  • Pre-course online learning
  • Instructor-Led Webinars
  • Micro-learning
  • Gamification
  • Virtual Peer Group Learning and Networking
  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Change Impact to Work Project
  • Learning Resources

Blended workshop (2-day)

  • Pre-course online learning
  • Face-to-Face Workshop
  • Micro-learning
  • Group Learning and Networking
  • Change Impact to Work Project
  • Learning Resources