We provide the following consultancy services:

Writing or Rewriting of Policies and Procedures

Do you have policies and procedures that are hard to understand and causing many problems to your customers? We can help you to review these documents and rewrite these important documents. We can also train key personnel to review and rewrite the policies and procedures. Click here to read more about the Rewriting of Policies and Procedures Consultancy done for our client.


Writing Letters and Consumer Documents in Plain Language

We can help your organization write or rewrite your important letters and documents sent to consumers in plain language. Plain language means language that is simple and easy for your consumers to understand. The end result: higher customer satisfaction, less consumer disputes and higher employee job satisfaction as employees can focus on higher value-adding work. Contact us to find out more.


Business Copywriting

Do you need a copywriter who is not only able to write professionally but also has a good understanding of corporate and business needs? We have business writing consultants who can just fit the bill. If you are looking for high quality business copywriters, do contact us to find out more.