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Virtual and Digital Learning – Design and Development

Do you have learning or training courses you would like to deliver to your employees digitally through an online or virtual platform? We help companies to design and implement virtual or online learning such as:

  • Analysis of virtual and digital learning needs for executives, professionals, managers and leaders.
  • Design and development of virtual and e-learning content/modules, activities, tests and assessments. 
  • Assessment and selection of the most appropriate virtual and digital learning platform.
  • Design for different virtual learning modes such as micro-learning, gamification, webinars, instructor-led training and learning on demand to suit the learning profile and patterns of employees.
  • Provide facilitators who are experienced in facilitating and delivering facilitated virtual training 

Blended Learning Design and Development  

Blended learning is combining traditional face-to-face classroom training or workshop learning with online / digital learning. Learning that can be done independently by employees e.g. reading and understanding of content, reflection on concepts and completion of certain tests and activities can be done via the online or digital platform. Classroom or workshop learning is reserved for training activities that are most effective in the face-to-face context e.g. experiential learning, simulation, role-plays, group discussions. In this way, companies can maximise their learning outcomes and returns to training investment.

We help companies to design and tailor blended employee learning programmes and solutions to achieve organisational learning goals, address training gaps and cater to the varying learning patterns of their employees. 


Integrating Coaching to Virtual and Digital Learning 

Coaching is one of the most effective ways to increase executive awareness and drive changes in mindset and behaviours. On the other hand, delivering content through digital learning enables employees to save time and improves learning outcomes. 

Clarity Training and Consulting helps companies who want to harness both the power of coaching and digital learning by integrating both employee learning methods into training and learning. We help companies to identify how best to deliver a training programme and integrate methods from coaching, blended learning and virtual/digital learning to achieve the best outcomes. 


Communications consultancy 

Communications is the oil that keeps the machinery of a company running smoothly and effectively. With effective communication guidelines, training, processes and culture, employees can then operate with clarity and confidence internally as well as externally. 

We work with companies to improve their communications in the following: 

  • Communications audits to identify opportunities and issues, and propose the most appropriate solutions and training
  • Development of communication guidelines and implementation of best practices
  • Email analysis to improve communications with customers and stakeholders 
  • Training and workshops in internal, external and customer communications 


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