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We provide the following consultancy services:

Training Design and Development

We help clients to design and implement customised learning and development programmes to advance the development of their talent and employees.

With our Clarity Customisation Approach, we carry out effective training needs analysis to ensure that the programmes developed will meet your company and organisation needs.


Communications Audits

We conduct audits of your current internal and external communications of “what we are doing right” as well as what “we can improve on”.

From the audit findings, we work with clients to clarify their goals and develop workshops and programmes to facilitate positive change within teams and organisations.


Customer Email Analysis

We help companies to conduct email analysis to analyse how their employees are interacting with clients and customers. Through email analysis, we identify communication patterns and behaviours that are effective as well as those that are not, and use the results to coach or train employees to improve their communications.

The result: higher customer satisfaction and enhanced employee performance.


Development of Communication Principles and Guidelines

Communication guidelines and engagement principles are important to ensure that your employees are communicating and interacting consistently and effectively with internal and external customers.
We work with key stakeholders to identify the key behaviours and standards and translate them into clear and concise communication guidelines for the organisation.

Benefits: higher customer satisfaction, less consumer disputes and happier employees.

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