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Clarity Coaching Services

Clarity provides coaching services for individuals and organisations with different professional and personal needs.

Contact us to have a conversation about coaching or to experience a transformative trial coaching session.


Before I started the coaching session with Michelle, I have always considered myself as a good communicator and worked well with peers and most of my stakeholders. However, as I progressed in my career, meeting more senior management, I sometimes find it hard to get buy-in. From her coaching sessions, I became aware of the blind spots in my communication styles and most importantly, the value systems driving my communication with others in the working environment. Being more conscious of my blind spots, I was able to articulate my ideas more effectively and drive greater value. The coaching has equipped me with much higher awareness, skills and insights to drive change and business impact in my area of work. – Business Excellence Lead, Shell 

I went through a 4-session coaching by Michelle. It has been a thought-provoking experience and it made me reflect deeply various issues that I had. This has resulted in greater clarity in the position I am in and helped me realized some misperception that I have been holding. I have also gained new perspective to where I should work towards. Highly recommend Michelle as a personal / executive coach to anyone who may need some alignment to life’s directions or performance enhancements. I am thankful to her for what I had gone through and more should benefit from it. – Trainer, Investment Management 

Michelle used different coaching tools which was interesting and helped me reflect my journey as well as plan for my next step. Her confidence in using these tools as well as her honest sharing made each session enlightening and fun. These different techniques gave me space to form my own revelations about myself and helped me feel positive about achieving my goals. Throughout the sessions, Michelle made me feel supported and heard. Just talking to her, I began to have greater clarity in my roles and objectives. I found myself setting more specific and achievable goals as well as take greater ownership and responsibility in what happens to me.  – Aileen, Business Owner