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Airport Operations and Management

Industry: Airport Operations and Management

Client: Changi Airport Group (CAG)

Objective: Training on Managing and Writing to Customers’ Feedback

Background: Customer feedback is critical to maintaining the world-class position of Changi Airport. Our client believes strongly in listening to and responding to customer’s feedback to improve the customer service experience at the various airport touchpoints. CAG wants to improve the customer service mindset of their executives and managers and to equip them with critical skills in managing customers’ feedback and complaints.

Scope: The scope included the development of a training and evaluation framework, course materials, training manuals, case studies, pre-training reading materials, assignments, progress reports and provision of training services. Clarity met up with the team to understand their operational and business challenges. A comprehensive review was conducted of the current state of feedback and complaint writing.

The training was conducted successfully in different formats to cater for the learning needs of different groups of staff. Formats included small-group coaching, medium-sized classroom training, refresher courses and small group portfolio training courses. Thereafter, we also developed a framework to audit the quality of replies sent to customers.