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Clarity Associate Consultant and Trainer (Switzerland – Zurich/Zug)

Clarity Training and Consulting is looking for subject matter experts and trainers who are passionate about their area of expertise (see below) as well as in corporate training and executive learning & development. You want to work with a training, coaching and consulting company to deliver high-quality, interactive and fun workshops and learning programmes.

We are looking at building a team of training consultants based in the Zurich and Zug area who seek to collaborate with others, develop great programmes and connect with clients and networks to bring Clarity programmes to benefit more companies and individuals.

Clarity has been established since 2010 and we currently have offices in Switzerland and Singapore. We are passionate about working with clients to design and deliver bespoke communications, business and soft skills training that meet client needs and deliver results to their teams and organisations. We integrate training, coaching and consulting approaches and methods into our training solutions so that clients can have solutions that are flexible, holistic and effective.

This is a contract-based position and the candidate should have the legal permit to work in Switzerland. If you are the person we are looking for, please email your CV to

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We are looking for subject matter experts, consultants, trainers and practitioners who have corporate and training experience in organisations in the following areas:

  • Leadership communications and team management in disruptive and agile business environments
  • Development of technical professionals and experts into team managers, leaders and business collaborators
  • Teams development and management: virtual and remote team development; leading, managing and coaching teams
  • Communications (live and virtual) across areas such as cross-cultural communications, engaging stakeholders, project communications,
  • Organisational business skills: negotiation skills, problem solving skills, critical thinking, design thinking, organisational problem solving
  • Any other areas of expertise that are currently demanded by companies and organisations
  • Areas of expertise required to help executives, managers and leaders to deal with and manage transforming organisations, technological disruptions and volatile business environments.


  1. Design and develop business-relevant, interactive, engaging and high-quality training programmes for executives, managers, professionals and leaders
  2. Understand and anticipate client requirements to design and deliver training programmes that can meet and exceed clients’ and participants’ requirements and expectations.
  3. Create and produce high quality training materials such as learner’s guide, training and activity outlines, training resources, presentation slides and other required materials to deliver successful workshops and learning programmes for the targeted participant profile
  4. Create suitable and engaging learning content for online learning as part of blended learning (pre-course and/or post course).
  5. Engage clients to gather relevant business and training requirements and provide insightful and useful advice to clients to gain trust and drive sales.
  6. Conduct Learning Needs Analysis and use the information to design a successful training programme
  7. Able to meet Clarity training and development standards so that internal and external quality and time deadlines are achieved
  8. Workcollaboratively with the Principal Trainer to adapt and improve existing training materials and methodologies to ensure that the training programmes meet and exceed the Clarity training standards.
  9. Conduct, facilitate and delivertransformative and engaging training experiences and workshops that can positively impact on the training participants’ mindsets, skills and knowledge in the targeted training areas
  10. Able to work independently yet collaboratively to deliver great and enjoyable training experiences for our clients and training participants
  11. Interact with clients and participants in a sensitive, professional, customer-centric and ethical manner with Clarity values.
  12. Ability to generate and create new business for training programmes as a Clarity associate would be appreciated and suitably rewarded.


  • A subject matter expert in your area(s) of expertise with at least 10-15 years of relevant industry and corporate experience
  • At least 3-5 years in designing and delivering learning and development programmes in the area of expertise.
  • Required languages: High proficiency in English, both spoken and written. Proficiency in other key European languages would be appreciated.
  • Excellent presentation and facilitation skills; very confident when presenting to and facilitating small and large adult groups; skilled in a variety of instructional and facilitation methods
  • Highly proficient in Microsoft Powerpoint and Word, and able to use any software effectively for course development and design
  • Experienced and trained in adult learning course design and development. Able to design and create professional and effective course materials
  • Abe to design and conduct adult learning assessment to drive change and learning


  • Bachelor’s and/or Masters in any relevant discipline from an internationally recognised university. Educational qualifications in training or adult education would be appreciated. 
  • Certification in executive coaching would be a key advantage for this position.


  • Passion for corporate training and adult learning and willing to go the extra mile to put in time and effort to design, develop and deliver inspiring and transformative learning experiences for our participants.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and cultural sensitivity. Able to interact with people from different walks of life, cultures and nationalities and make people feel comfortable
  • Independent and self-driven individual who is capable of delivering quality work to clients and participants
  • Humble and able to take feedback on one’s training performance and to improve based on the feedback
  • Deeply believes in service excellence and has the humility and attitude to provide a total customer-centric experience.