About Us

Clarity Training and Consulting was established in Singapore and provides training, coaching and consulting services to companies and organizations. We work closely with our clients and partners to design and deliver training solutions that help transform individuals, and the teams and organisations they work in. Our private sector clientele and participants come from a wide range of industries such as Banking, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Insurance. Many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies. We also work with many government organisations to improve communications and service in the public sector. Click here to see our clientele.

Clarity Training and Consulting was established in 2008. Since then, we have trained numerous participants from Singapore, Japan, China, India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, United Kingdom, France and United States. We focused on training for executives, professionals, managers and above. Our training is tailored for global companies working out of Asia and Singapore. We also partner with established training institutions such as Singapore Institute of Management and Marketing Institute of Singapore to deliver quality training programmes to their clients.

Our Vision

Enabling individuals and organisations to fulfil and grow their potential. 

Our Mission

Learning that Inspires, Engages and Transforms

Our Values

These values drive our behaviours and communications within Clarity and with our potential and actual customers: 

QUALITY: deliver high quality in our interactions, experiences and output
TRUST: act with integrity and build trust
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: make our customers more than satisfied with what they have experienced
CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: improve on what we have done to make it even better
OPEN TO FEEDBACK: open to receiving feedback and giving constructive feedback